Fabric Mask

Gift with Wine purchase


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Free with wine purchase. Be sure to wash before wearing or wait a few days after you receive it.

Fabric mask made from Scotchgarded cotton upholstery fabric, lined with high thread count cotton sheet.  These have a pocket in case you want to add a filter, but they really are not intended to be medical masks.  Fabric choice constantly changing.

Nose wire allows for close fit.  You can remove or replace this easily if there’s something you’d rather use.

These now come with TPU elastic ear loops.  Created to be too big for almost anyone, so you can retie to fit your face.  If you prefer ties, or standard elastic, let me know.

Hand laundering is recommended since the lining has been washed many times, but the outside never has.  Also the nose wire would get mangled in a machine.

Dousing with alcohol is not recommended as the pieces were traced using a template and a sharpie.  You can’t see the lines from the outside, but black ink will bleed through if a solvent hits them.

Please send a note indicating which you like, or you can call or email or IG or FB message and ask for a closeup or a certain combination of size, fabric.

Sizes:  Large, Regular, kids 7-12 and kids 3-7.  If it isn’t already made, I can make it for you in a day, usually.