About Symbiosis

Meet Glenna, the woman who does it all.
Hand selected grapes make
crafted Paso Robles Wine

Symbiosis (sim buy oh sis, sim bee oh sis) : Two dissimilar organisms living as one, such that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Think of food and wine, vines and earth, music and dance, people and pets.

Symbiosis Wines is as small and green as possible — preferring practices like gravity racking instead of pumping, pallet jacking versus fork-lifting, recycled paper labels, no ultra-heavy glass, minimal trucking, etc. All grapes are sourced from Paso Robles vineyards using sustainable practices, and made locally, by hand, by one person — Glenna Thompson.

Glenna worked as an upholsterer and trained as a ballet dancer while beginning a career as a Biologist. She then went from exhibit design and development in Science museums to aquaculture to environmental microbiology before starting a Ph.D. in marine microbiology. 8 years later, a wine tasting trip lured her to Paso Robles, where she spent several years running labs for various wineries. Recognizing that winemaking was a symbiotic mix of art and science, she launched Symbiosis in 2007.